At Reveal Talent Solutions Internship Academy (IA), we believe that not all internships are the same.  Through our strategic partnerships with national and Fortune-ranked companies, we can establish custom internship programs for qualified students and career changers who are serious about achieving their career goals.

All internships are individually designed to provide applicants with relevant real-world experience and a network of key contacts in their chosen industry.  In addition to establishing custom internships, Internship Academy has a team of professional recruiters who provide intensive one-on-one professional coaching in resume writing, interviewing, prospecting, and career development.

“Such an experience teaches a student or a potential employee how they can best be employable in a potential career of their choosing.  In many respects an internship is a practice run; it is a way for a student to find out how it is someone works to make connections, and gain experience; an internship is the best way to study a potential career path and figure out whether that is something they want to do.” 

Katherine, Miami University 


It is never too early to gain experience.

Today’s graduates need more than a high GPA and list of extracurricular activities to succeed.  The competition is fierce, which means you need a stand-out resume, exceptional interviewing skills, and, most importantly, internship experience.  Don’t be one of the thousands of students who graduate with little-to-no real-world experience.  Today’s employers are looking for candidates who have not only proven themselves academically, but who have also demonstrated real-world accomplishments through internships.

But not all internships are the same.  At Internship Academy, we work with partnering companies to develop custom internships that offer you the flexibility you want and the experience you need to succeed.  You will also receive intensive one-on-one coaching with a professional recruiter in resume writing, interviewing, prospecting, and career development.

Don’t miss out on your dream job because you didn’t have the right experience.  We can help. 

Career Changers

It is never too late to do what you love.

Internship Academy specializes in creating custom internships for seasoned professionals seeking a career change.  Internships are no longer just for students.  A mid-career internship can be the bridge between the career you have and the career you want.  In addition to creating an internship that will provide you with the experience and network of contacts you need to succeed in your chosen field, you will also receive intensive one-on-one coaching with a professional recruiter in resume writing, interviewing, prospecting, and career development.

Don’t waste another day at the wrong job when your dream career awaits you. 


Want an intern without the hassle?

Have you ever considered recruiting interns, but didn’t want to go through the hassle of reviewing countless resumes and conducting multiple interviews, only to end up with an under-qualified, unprofessional intern?  Now there’s an easier way.

Internship Academy does all of the work for you, including managing relationships with multiple universities, reviewing resumes, screening candidates, conducting interviews, and preparing students to enter the workforce through intensive one-on-one professional development coaching.  We bring you the best, brightest, and most reliable interns available, so all you have to do is choose the right one for your organization.

Want an internship program without the hassle?

Let us manage your entire internship program for you.